On 15th October 2022, the UK Material Handling Association‘s famous Archies Awards took place in Birmingham, UK. Industry experts pay tribute to companies, teams and individuals who innovate, raise standards and help operators work more effectively and safely. Eternity Technologies are proud to announce, Triathlon Battery Solutions Ltd (UK) won the Innovation Ancillary Product award with QUASAR – Eternity Technologies next generation of lead acid battery. “The jury was impressed by the revolutionary new technology that allows the QUASAR battery to accept opportunity charging and deliver longer cycle life and run times, delivering two shifts instead of one.”


The QUASAR positive plate utilises Thin Tube technology, which offers greater energy density and higher discharge performance. The QUASAR negative plate contains Carbon Nano Tube (CNT) technology, which increases its fast charge capability, without any degradation to the life of the batteries. Setting a new standard of premium lead acid battery QUASAR offers unrivalled benefits with its industry leading technology. For more information please visit and once again congratulations to Triathlon Battery Solutions Ltd (UK) for all your support.