Eternity Technologies, a global leader in industrial battery solutions, proudly announces the launch of its groundbreaking QUASAR Gel Maintenance Free Battery tailored for the motive power market.


Leveraging cutting-edge technology, Eternity Technologies continues to redefine industry standards with its premium expanding range. The new QUASAR Gel Battery range sets new benchmarks for performance. This range seamlessly integrates VRLA Gel technology with cutting-edge Carbon Nano Tube (CNT) innovation. As a result, the QUASAR Gel battery delivers excellent Deep Cycle performance with opportunity and faster charging.


QUASAR Gel batteries offer a maintenance free option. This valve regulated option does not require topping up and eliminates any maintenance in the field. The QUASAR positive plate utilises Thin Tube technology, which offers greater energy density and higher discharge performance. It also incorporates a market leading phenolic resin separator which can meet the heavy-duty operating demands and provides excellent oxidation resistance.


The key features of the QUASAR Gel Maintenance Free Battery include:


Carbon Nanotube Integration: By incorporating carbon nanotubes into the battery design, Eternity Technologies delivers unmatched conductivity and durability, resulting in optimized performance even in the most demanding environments.


Eco-friendly and Recyclable: Committed to sustainability, the QUASAR Gel Maintenance Free Battery is environmentally friendly and fully recyclable, minimizing its ecological footprint throughout its lifecycle.


Maintenance-Free Operation: Building upon the success of the QUASAR Motive Battery, the QUASAR Gel Maintenance Free Battery eliminates the need for regular maintenance, offering hassle-free operation and reduced total cost of ownership.



“Our QUASAR Gel Maintenance Free Battery represents a significant milestone in our ongoing quest to deliver innovative and sustainable battery solutions to the motive power market,” said Dr Mark Stevenson, CEO at Eternity Technologies. “With its advanced technology and maintenance-free design, the QUASAR Gel Battery offers unparalleled performance, reliability, and environmental responsibility, empowering our customers to achieve their operational goals.”


Eternity Technologies remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of battery technology, driving progress towards a cleaner, more efficient future for industries worldwide.


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