Eternity Technologies, the world’s most modern industrial battery plant making world-class products for the global industrial battery market, today launches their new range of Bloc batteries.


The Eternity Technologies Gel Bloc is a new generation of maintenance free product using advanced VRLA Gel technology to provide extensive cycle performance, high resilience to deep discharge, longer life in harsh conditions and fully recyclable.


The Eternity Gel Bloc range will be made in 3 variants (Traction, Leisure & Solar) to serve applications such as marine, cleaning machines, automated guided vehicles, aerial work platforms, motorhomes, solar and wheelchairs. Products will be available in 6V or 12V with capacity from 25Ah up to 300Ah. For the full range please visit our website


The global industrial market requires constant innovation and excellence as technology adapts to ever-changing demanding requirements. Eternity Technologies prides itself on world-class product designs, manufacturing processes, technical development, efficient cost structures and a central global location. All these advantages have been built into their new Gel Bloc range. The range will be manufactured out of a brand new plant in the UAE, using the latest generation of production equipment, with a production capacity of 1 million Blocs per year to serve the global market.


Our new Gel Bloc is a great addition to our existing battery range and will allow us to serve multiple new customers and applications in all regions. “We are excited to be able to respond to the growing demand of battery solutions with the most reliable and cost effective technology” states Dr Mark Stevenson, Eternity Technologies.


With a wide range of products, including cells, batteries, blocs, chargers and accessories for the Motive Power, Standby Power and Renewable Energy markets, Eternity Technologies continues to be a rapidly growing force in the market.


“Eternity Technologies produces premium products that meet the market demand and will continue to expand further as one of the world’s leading industrial battery companies.”