Eternity Technologies was formed by the Al Dobowi Group in 2011 and soon became a growing force in the manufacturing of lead acid batteries for the Motive Power battery market. Based in the dynamic and vibrant United Arab Emirates, Eternity Technologies developed a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility utilising the latest design, manufacturing processes and customer-focused management systems.


In 2014 Eternity Technologies launched their full range of OPzV & OPzS batteries to serve the global standby power market. And in 2020 further expanded their portfolio and manufacturing capabilities with the introduction of 6V & 12V Gel Blocs to serve light traction and standby renewable applications. To mark their 10 year anniversary in 2021 QUASAR Nano Carbon Motive Battery was launched to the market to deliver increased performance in energy demanding applications.


Selling to over 100 countries worldwide, Eternity Technologies is a successful global supplier. Within 10 years of production, partner businesses have been established in Germany, UK, South Africa, South America, Spain, India, USA, Singapore, France & Nordics to enable regional distributor focus. In addition to Eternity Technologies UAE manufacturing facility, operational facilities have been established in Germany, Spain, South America and USA, offering local cell assembly and local QMS management.


Eternity Technologies continues to produce premium products that meet market demand and the company will continue to expand further, as one of the world’s leading industrial battery companies.