Our Company

A global leader in the industrial battery market providing world-class products for Motive Power and Network Power applications.

Although Eternity Technologies is the newest and most vibrant Motive Power battery company in the world it derives its heritage from over 100 years of developments in lead acid battery technology since the technology was introduced on an industrial scale in the 1880’s.

Eternity Technologies operates from the most modern and up to date industrial battery manufacturing facility, based in the United Arab Emirates, specialising in the manufacture and supply of industry leading, high performance industrial batteries. In addition to Eternity Technologies UAE, regional manufacturing facilities have been established in Germany, Spain, South America, South Africa and USA, offering local cell assembly.

The company sells to over 100 countries worldwide and has established partner businesses to enable regional distributorship. Offering a wide range of products, including cells, batteries, blocs, chargers and accessories for the Motive Power, Standby Power and Renewable Energy markets, Eternity Technologies is a rapidly growing force in the market.




What we do:

We deliver the most Reliable, Sustainable and Available Battery Solutions to the industrial market.


How we do it:

Our products are designed and manufactured to Last Longer and to have the Minimum Carbon Footprint.
We have a unique global regional manufacturing operation which allows us to have the Best Flexibility and Delivery Leadtime in the industry.